Friday’s Five: September 9, 2016

Here’s the best/most interesting/popular tweets this week:

1. Luv it! -> They press space, space, space, space, space instead of tab, and I just keep breathing @LeeRosen ow.ly/7lW7303NcUx
2.  Because of Stupid Ethics Ruling, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished In Minnesota @carolynelefant ow.ly/HvAX30419qd HT @gyitsakalakis
3. Gorgeous @guardian Overview: a stunning new perspective of Earth from space – in pictures ow.ly/Z3tV3040X6J
4.  RT @PaulBiedermann: FACT: We are built to respond to visuals. bit.ly/1ExaXzw
5.  Organizing Digital Documents – No Software Necessary ow.ly/GGKZ303m7Vf