Which Law Practice Management Tech Does LegalTypist Recommend?

askandrea1I speak with a lot of attorneys.  One of the questions I am routinely asked is: “Which cloud-based law practice management technology do you recommend?”

My response has remained the same for years: “I don’t recommend any of them.”

While LegalTypist supports firms which use such applications, there remains – what I consider to be – fatal flaws in every solution I have ever personally tested. In fact, it got so bad, I had to stop looking!  Why?  I was investing a great deal of my time trying to find something that worked.  By investing, I’m not saying read a website and tooled around an hour or two … I was investing 60, 80, 100+ hours working in these techs and even more time providing “feedback” … or worse, trying to cajole those at the top to make the changes I knew were necessary for my recommendation.  Ultimately, all I was doing was wasting my time <-and you all know how much I hate waste!!!

In order to stop others from wasting their time, focus and energy, I published the Special Report below which was written by an attorney who had also been searching and coming to the same conclusions:

icon-SpecialReportLPM2014(click on pix to open as pdf in separate window)

Interestingly, in a recent conversation, Avi advised that he had gone back to check and the issues outlined in the Report appear to remain. Note: the report is years old (and has been downloaded 15,000+) <-meaning, I can only imagine those at the companies mentioned in it, are fully aware of the issues.

I’m also very happy to report that Avi has agreed to write a updated version, which will include some of the newer players.

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