Welcome to the home of Law Firm Solutions

Law Firm Solutions was launched in February of 2005 to advise and educate lawyers at all sized firms about the benefits and risks of working on and through the web.

Since then, Law Firm Solutions has created/produced/hosted webinars, a newsletter and blog; along with live and virtual events. Live events include the very popular Meet-n-Geeks™ during LegalWeek in New York City and ABA TechShow in Chicago; a monthly lunch in New York that ran for 11 years; and most recently (and now in it’s 4th year), the annual educational conference Law Practice Profit, which is open lawyers, law firm administrators and all in the law who are interested in learning how to work more efficiently.

Law Firm Solutions has been collating the best and brightest information, content and connecting with the right people — those known for their expertise in making a positive difference in the every day professional lives of attorneys. It has always been a place for attorneys (and those who support them) to learn of trusted people, proper processes, and reliable products used to get the work of law firms done with less time, less cost and most importantly, less stress.

Are you an attorney on the hunt for reliable information and vetted professionals?

Law Firm Solutions has donated all the content and the resources collected, collated and curated to The Association of Solo Attorneys and is on a mission to help The Association build a community where solo attorneys enjoy time with other solo attorneys and also gain access to the vetted experts and information of Law Firm Solutions.

If you are a solo attorney who wants access to the professionals, processes and products that truly impact solo/small law firm operations, click below and join the Association of Solo Attorneys ->

If you have a process, product or are a person who solo attorneys need to know about, please click on the Apply to Advise or Submit Your Solutions pages and complete the necessary forms; or purchase a listing the Law Practice Profit Resource Guide here