5 Key Considerations To Selecting The Right Equipment To Get and Keep You Mobile

  1. What is your tech comfort level? Be objective and use a scale of 1-10 with 10 being uber geek. I recommend if you don’t rate yourself a solid 6.5, find a local consultant. Use a professional well rooted in your community, preferably with experience in your industry. You may pay a bit for their knowledge, but in turn save yourself hours of research and the cost of testing, trial and error, or worse.
  2. Less is best.  Think about it, each new piece of equipment also ads cables/chargers, integration/software and care (not to mention upkeep and initial cost). So if you can perform five functions with one piece of physical equipment, why use three?
  3. It’s not the gadget – it’s how you expect to use it. Think about how you prefer to work, then match your preference (along with tech comfort level) to the proper personal mobile device.
  4. How much physical paper do you have to handle? Paper impedes mobility. You need to get it digital the question is at what point. For instance, using unified messaging will turn faxes to .pdf  and your personal mobile device’s camera can capture business cards.
  5. Mobility is all in the set up.  You have to match how you “work” to mobility and not conform yourself to a one size fits all approach.  For instance, I’m a lifelong Palm girl – but I don’t bash any other personal mobile device.  My motto is – if it works for you…

Do it right and you will be free of the constraints of having to be in a certain physical location in order to process the information and data which is your business/life.