20+ "Legal" Peeps @LegalTypist Recommends You Follow On Twitter

I keep seeing all kinds of lists floating around these days.  Lists of lawyers, lists of paralegals, lists of VAs on twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. All recommending those you should take the time out of your life to locate and follow, connect and friend.

Trouble is, it takes a lot of time to do such things and I keep seeing names on those lists that make me shake my head. A list only as good as those who are on it and not one of the lists I have seen published would I recommend to my peeps. Why?

Many of the “legal” lists for twitter appear to have on them a few of those who, by their very own actions (and probably in my sole opinion) are spammers.  So, what do I mean by spam? I mean these recommended peeps publish unsolicited promotions about their own for profit endeavors far more than anything of value to those taking the time to follow their digital doings. In other words, they promote themselves. ALL THE TIME.

Others, while not spammers, don’t publish very often or when they do, they do so in huge bursts clogging their follower’s twitter streams – yuck! (FYI, I’m working on my second Twitter ebook: Twitter Etiquette and you can download my primer – Twitter 101 – How to Set Up An Account On Twitter from http://www.legaltypist.com/twitter.)

Anyway… since I have no lists I’m comfortable RT’ing, I figured let me give it a go and see if I could not find 20 peeps I would recommend to anyone interested in “legal”. FYI, it was much harder and took much longer than I anticipated.

Here’s @legaltypist’s list of 20+ “legal” peeps you should follow on twitter:

  1. @taxgirl – attorney and tax pro; always interesting tweets
  2. @JeenaBelil – really nice attorney who’s on LI with me
  3. @bschorr – not an attorney – smart IT tech/Outlook guy located in Hawaii
  4. @matthomann – attorney who travels the US helping make firms profitable
  5. @StefanieDevery – attorney and all around quality peep
  6. @odonnellsteve– IP attorney who makes me laugh
  7. @econwriter5 – not an attorney but tweets legal and other interesting stuff
  8. @rkodner – ok he’s one who tweets in bursts, but it’s all good!  Lawyer, master tech wrangler
  9. @btannenbaum – Florida based attorney not afraid to call it like it is or have fun with @CorineClaxton or @mariloutheclerk
  10. @aflusche – geeky attorney from a small town in Virginia
  11. @kevinokeefe – attorney who knows how to use/teach social media
  12. @MVPSusi – fellow legal Virtual Assistant
  13. @halosecretarial – fellow Canadian legal VA
  14. @astarita – practicing securities attorney who does social media really well
  15. @charlesthomas PA criminal defense attorney/new solo
  16. @nikiblack – attorney/blogger/great sharer of interesting information
  17. @bren924 – in house law firm IT admin who reminds me why I’m happy I’m virtual
  18. @RossRunkel – law professor and tweeter of interesting legally stuff
  19. @jayshep – employer’s lawyer on a mission to “make lawyers suck less”
  20. @mariloutheclerk – name says it all and every practice needs her (or someone like her).

+ @lilyhill – although her tweets are now silenced, her contribution to twitter and the legal industry through it gives @lilyhill a permanent spot on my list of legal peeps on twitter.

There it is.  Not a spammer or marketer among them! 🙂