5 Benefits of Having an Assistant

When you are in business for yourself, especially one that is conducted online, you’ll find there are a number of different things for you to learn about that can save you time and make you money.  Locating and hiring an assistant, is by far one of the more exciting things to discover and put to use in your business.

All too common is the business owner who feels they have to do everything themselves in order for things to go smoothly. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! In case you’re curious about why so many business owners are singing the praises of outsourcing, keep reading to see just five of the many benefits hiring an assistant can bring you and your business:

More Value for Your Time

When you own a business, one of the most important things to remember is how much your time is really worth. When you think about the dull or repetitive administrative duties that you are doing, you’ll find this work actually detracts you from the higher paying or the revenue generating tasks.

When you delegate to an assistant, you’ll pay someone else to take care of those details, while you give attention to the more important responsibilities of servicing and growing your client base.  Win, win, win… no more boring billing or hanging on the line all afternoon trying to get to technical support for something; more time to invest in networking and getting the word out about yourself and your business; more time to focus on your existing clients, in turn, fostering more business through word of mouth and/or referrals.

Let’s face it – if you can hire someone who is responsive and never seems disorganized vs. someone who is always busy and never has the time to call you back – who would you give more referrals/business to?

Saving Resources

Think about everything that goes into the tasks that you would delegate. This will range from things like your time and space to costs such as Internet and software.  After awhile all of these costs add up.  For instance, graphics software can get quite expensive.

If you are outsourcing an activity, you get more than just the task itself out of the way. You also get someone who specializes in areas of your business that you may not know quite as well or have no desire to learn.  Your assistant will already have the tools, knowledge and software needed to complete such assignments.  Depending on the project, this can not only save you money, but the time to learn how to manipulate complicated software or put a process in place for you to follow.

Going to the Experts

The tasks you are delegating might be ones that you have no desire to learn about, whether they are troubleshooting, appointment setting, website design and maintenance or something else. By handing the work over to an expert who enjoys and makes it their business to know these things, you’ll be able to take advantage of their knowledge in the area without having to learn it yourself. This will give your customers or clients more than you could possibly give them yourself.


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When you delegate, you will soon realize that you are in a great place when it comes to getting more involved with your business. You will be able to expand and provide everything your clients need. Outsourcing frees you up to try new things with your business, learn more and experience new aspects of your industry.


When you delegate, you will have a contract with the person or company you are working with. By having someone else who is depending on work from you, you are more apt to stay ahead of the game by planning better and making sure that you’re tasks are getting completed as well.

When you first begin learning about and implementing outsourcing techniques within your business, you’ll find out those boring or repetitive tasks can easily be handed off to someone who enjoys doing them. This will allow you, as the business’ owner, to free up more time to concentrate on more important aspects of your business such as product creation, advertising, networking and other marketing practices.

These are the things that will help your business to grow even more profitable.

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