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Friday Five : September 23, 2016

Here’s the best/most interesting/popular tweets this week:

  1. Good article -> RT @WAStateBar: Picking Practice Management Software: A Guide for Lawyers
  2. RT @bschorr: Section Breaks in Word < Handy tool for setting different formats for different parts of a document.
  3. @DavidSug Collected and aggregated user data. Past 5 years. There’s an opt out … now  
  4. Some interesting stats -> How Solos Differ From Other Lawyers: Survey Offers Insights @bobambrogi
  5. Let’s go to the video tape: <-the Opening Keynote of #ClioCon by Clio co-founder Jack Newton where he speaks about mining user data since 2010.  This is still a developing story, but according to Bob Ambrogi in Why Didn’t Clio Notify Users of Data Aggregation? there is now an opt out option and the Terms of Service for Clio were amended late 2014 with provision 2.12 which references paragraph 4.1:

    It is, of course, up to each attorney user of Clio to determine if the above sits comfortably with them. I know of no other practice management technology which mines its user data.



Friday’s Five : September 16, 2016

Here’s the best/most interesting/popular tweets this week:

1.  RT @danielmills: Cyber Security for Small Firms and Solo Practices

2.  RT @bobambrogi: Avvo Wins First Amendment Fight, As Judge Compares It To Sports Illustrated…

3.  Which legal practice management tech does LegalTypist recommend?

4.  Some interesting stats -> How Solos Differ From Other Lawyers: Survey Offers Insights

5.  Electronic signatures may be convenient, but do they hold up in court … not so much in this case ->


Which Law Practice Management Tech Does LegalTypist Recommend?

askandrea1I speak with a lot of attorneys.  One of the questions I am routinely asked is: “Which cloud-based law practice management technology do you recommend?”

My response has remained the same for years: “I don’t recommend any of them.”

While LegalTypist supports firms which use such applications, there remains – what I consider to be – fatal flaws in every solution I have ever personally tested. In fact, it got so bad, I had to stop looking!  Why?  I was investing a great deal of my time trying to find something that worked.  By investing, I’m not saying read a website and tooled around an hour or two … I was investing 60, 80, 100+ hours working in these techs and even more time providing “feedback” … or worse, trying to cajole those at the top to make the changes I knew were necessary for my recommendation.  Ultimately, all I was doing was wasting my time <-and you all know how much I hate waste!!!

In order to stop others from wasting their time, focus and energy, I published the Special Report below which was written by an attorney who had also been searching and coming to the same conclusions:

icon-SpecialReportLPM2014(click on pix to open as pdf in separate window)

Interestingly, in a recent conversation, Avi advised that he had gone back to check and the issues outlined in the Report appear to remain. Note: the report is years old (and has been downloaded 15,000+) <-meaning, I can only imagine those at the companies mentioned in it, are fully aware of the issues.

I’m also very happy to report that Avi has agreed to write a updated version, which will include some of the newer players.

So stay tuned to the blog/twitter/FB channels, or sign up for the RSS feed and/or get new posts via email <-whatever works for you