Friday Five : September 23, 2016

Here’s the best/most interesting/popular tweets this week:

  1. Good article -> RT @WAStateBar: Picking Practice Management Software: A Guide for Lawyers ow.ly/NBVX304step
  2. RT @bschorr: Section Breaks in Word buff.ly/2ccRs60 < Handy tool for setting different formats for different parts of a document.
  3. @DavidSug Collected and aggregated user data. Past 5 years. There’s an opt out … now ow.ly/tTPT304rdBe  
  4. Some interesting stats -> How Solos Differ From Other Lawyers: Survey Offers Insights @bobambrogi ow.ly/DQLv304aj8b
  5. Let’s go to the video tape: ow.ly/xnKV304rawj <-the Opening Keynote of #ClioCon by Clio co-founder Jack Newton where he speaks about mining user data since 2010.  This is still a developing story, but according to Bob Ambrogi in Why Didn’t Clio Notify Users of Data Aggregation?ow.ly/ZAsH304vfMP there is now an opt out option and the Terms of Service for Clio were amended late 2014 with provision 2.12 which references paragraph 4.1:

    It is, of course, up to each attorney user of Clio to determine if the above sits comfortably with them. I know of no other practice management technology which mines its user data.