What Do You Most Do With Yours?

You know, whatever that thing is that you carry around with you everywhere?

I call it a Personal Mobile Device (PMD) as you could be packing a smartphone, a cell phone, a netbook or laptop.  Almost everyone has something they keep with them at all times to keep them connected.

I want to know, what DO you do with yours?  I’m serious.

I hear so many people ooze over their particular brand or the appearance of their thing; I’ve even had people get down right condescending  just because I do not use the same device.

[psst:  BIG tip – whatever that thing is you have there, it’s a tool.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.]

So I want to know, what do you use your PMD for?

Here, I’ll start:

I’m a Palm girl.  Always have been.  Here’s a shot of my first PMD:

Treo 270
Treo 270

Yep.  That’s a Treo 270 folks.  Huge! When you flipped it up, it was like putting a whale up to your head.  This was in 2001 – when every other electronic device was getting smaller too.

I can’t tell you how many times I would hear “Hey!  Beam me up Scotty!” when I would use it as a phone in public —  smile and give a nod/wave in the direction… never heard that one before… you’re so clever… butthead… 😉

Anyway, those episodes turned out to be a good thing.  It was one more reason for me to treat my Treo as the device I had planned it for all along (and all I really wanted from it) – access to e-mail on my person.

This was when I was still a solo and personally worked for several attorneys.  My processes were set up so I would get notified of any incoming jobs via e-mail.  From the size of the file and the fax number sent (back then it was all fax), I could better plan when I needed to be behind my keyboard.

Back then I also had only one kid – but I was about to have another right after moving from a renovated Levitt Cape to a 1924 Colonial that literally needed a bones up renovation.  I tell you this because I HAD TO be as efficient with my time as I could and being connected to my e-mails through my PMD kept me fully in the know.

Now, I’m still a Palm girl.  Have a Pre – but am looking forward to testing the Pixi.  But this isn’t about me.  It’s about all of YOU reading this.  I know you have one and I don’t care what type of thing it is – what do you DO with it?

E-mail; calls; surf the web; listen to music – all of the above and more?


Only take calls?


Can you leave me a comment with what you do with your PMD?

If you can also provide carrier and model for context, muchly appreciated!

If you’ve got a few extra moments, and can also answer:

* Do you have any device specific apps you couldn’t live without?
* Is your information routed through any third party servers – such as RIM, your carrier’s network or Google?
* Do you have an unlimited data plan that includes texts?

All the better.