#LTNY Wrap Up

I attend two legal trade shows each year – LegalTech NY in Jan/Feb and ABATechShow in Chicago in the Spring – and have since 2007.  I go to stay abreast of the happenings in all that is legal and tech; and to meet up with the friends I know most of the time, only on line.  Simply put, there is nothing better than to meet people face to face and really talking!

Here’s my full wrap up – including my impressions of the show, as compared to other years:

Along with the official stuff, every year freelance writer/attorney Lisa Solomon arranges the #LTNY Solo/Small Firm Dinner.  At the dinner were a great mix of practicing attorneys, legal tech people and those who are members of the Solosez list serv.  Some pictures of those who attended this year were published on line:   #LTNY Solo/Small Firm Dinner Attendees and just a few of my own here.