A little back story: I have been traveling – in a plane, by myself – from New York to Chicago (did I say in a plane) – to attend this trade show for many years.  To get an idea of how much I don’t like flying – the only other time I will subject my nervous system to it – is if there is lots of blue water, warm sand and tropical drinks for at least 5 full days when we land!  Obviously, I ain’t getting that from Chicago in early Spring – so why do I subject myself to the stress of flying?

  1. I go to see what is new to the scene – to find the gadgets/gizmos and what nots that I share with readers/subscribers of this blog and The Legal Connection Ezine;
  2. To speak with the CEOs and creators of new tech, to make sure they understand confidentiality and how it applies in the world of legal.  This is the first step towards  determining if  their gadget/gizmo or tech gets added to my list of tech to review for pontetial use with clients. If the CEO is clueless on digital security (or worse, requirements for legal work product) – I just move along.
  3. I go to meet up with the people of the ABA, Solosez and twitter, The Legal Connection Ezine contributors and the legal tech community at large.

ABATechShow is unlike any other legal trade show – in fact, I’d say it is the absolute opposite of  LegalTech NY.   ABATechShow is made up of a community of legal people – from the Board members to the faculty – everyone contributes to make ABATechshow not just an educational/practical show – but a fun one too!


Take a look for yourself – all the details are on the site:  http://www.techshow.com You do not have to be an attorney or a member of the ABA in order to attend.  Early bird pricing was extended to tomorrow (2/24) but keep reading to learn about the LegalTypist SuperPass deal.

Why Go to TechShow?

  1. 2.5 days of non stop practical information about technology from those in the trenches – either practicing attorneys or those who set up law firms to work their tech.  You have a device, piece of software or app that you need to work with – chances are there’s an expert on it speaking or attending ABATechShow.
  2. Keynote presenter is none other than attorney/actor Ben Stein (“Bueller … Bueller”). Every time I hear it; or that music – I smile thinking I may actually get to meet him. [Note to self: get and read copy of his book on plane…]
  3. Taste of TechShow Dinners – each year the TechShow Board arranges for members and presenters to host small, dutch-treat dinner gatherings at local area restaurants.  This is not only a great way to get to know someone involved in the show a bit better – but to meet other attendees and share some Chicago yummies too!
  4. LexThink.1 (formerly #IgniteLaw). Travel in a day early – Wednesday, March 28 – grab a free ticket and plan to attend this fast paced, fun evening.  12 speakers are given 6 minutes and 20 slides to give their thoughts on this year’s theme: 21st Century Client Service.   In fact, voting for presenters is open through 2/24/12.
  5. Meet the Authors – where else can you ask questions of those who actually wrote the book on things such as Outlook, OneNote, LinkedIN and Security?  Many of the Authors also man the Conference Concierge desk throughout the entire event.
  6. Read this post from last year if you need more convincing: ABATechShow – What’s Going On? Lots!

As much as LegalTech NY #LTNY is for large firms with 1,000’s of employees and million dollar budgets to connect with the world, ABATechShow is for solo/small firms and individual users of technology to connect with each other.

I hope I get to see you there!

*DEAL ALERT* LegalTypist SuperPass Groups are still forming.  If you would like to be considered for the next LegalTypist SuperPass Group and attend #ABATechShow for $500, send an email to techshow @legaltypist .com.