Outlook’s Attachments

If you are an Office365 user, you know that when you add a file/document to an email – it asks if you would like to send it as a link or as an attached file. At no point will I ever want to share a link to my master file and I imagine that lawyers/accountants […]

My 3 words for 2023

Once again, Chris Brogan has had my mind a churning, doing it’s darnedest to come up with 3 words for me to focus on throughout 2023. I have not been as diligent as Chris in publishing a blog post with #my3words each year; but I have followed this practice since 2012. The years I have […]

Wanna Get Paid?

In reading: Keeping the Cash Flowing: A Dozen Tips for Getting Clients to Pay More Promptly by Lawyer turned Coach Debra Bruce I noticed the number one thing I tell attorneys to do in order to keep the cash flowing was not listed. My number one rule to getting paid regularly is to bill regularly.  […]