Outlook’s Attachments

If you are an Office365 user, you know that when you add a file/document to an email – it asks if you would like to send it as a link or as an attached file. At no point will I ever want to share a link to my master file and I imagine that lawyers/accountants and other professions feel the same as I do. That said, I also don’t want to have to make that choice over and over.

As an efficiency expert, this is the type of task I LOVE to remove from workflows. Even if it saves only 5 seconds per email; when you multiply it over every email sent with an attachment (forever), you will save time (and will never accidentally share your master file link).

Watch the video to see how to make Outlook always send files as attachments:

I know it is such a little thing – but it makes me so happy to know I am removing an annoyance for others – so please forward this post to anyone you think would like to save a little time, and never have to decide “link or file” as an attachment in Outlook365.

Last, a H/T to my fav IT guy, Steven G. and his team at MJN Technology Services, who walked me through the process, so I could share with you.