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#TuesTechTip – You Need A Break

Back in the day (almost hate being able to use those words) – we were taught how to sit at a desk and work all day.  You were schooled on keeping your feet flat on the ground, your eyes forward or slightly to one side, elbows at 90 degree angle and wrists resting, all the while sitting up tall and straight. There was no crossing of legs and certainly no lying down on your back with keyboard across your chest!  Along with keeping the correct posture, we were taught to take breaks in order to stay healthy.

For today’s #TuesTechTip, I found this @TechRepublic article which lists 5 apps that help remind you to take a break:


Speaking at ABATechShow 2013


I just accepted a speaking invitation to the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section’s legal trade show held each spring in Chicago.  I have attended this show for years and consider by far the best legal trade show/technical educational opportunity for anyone related to the practice of law.  Not only do you get to learn a great deal about technology and how to actually use it through the formal presentations, but the people and after hour gatherings are just a perfect mix for gaining otherwise unknown insights into almost every facet of running a successful practice.

I will be speaking on To SaaS or Not SaaS – That is the Question; and Communications Interconnectedness! and both of my sessions fall on Friday, April 5, 2013.

If you are interested in legal technology (or meeting me) and you’re in Chicago in April – consider coming to ABATechShow.  Along with being a speaker – I also put together groups for the discounted SuperPass (10 people get in at $500 each).  By far, SuperPass is the least expensive way in.  If you would like to find out more, or get in the next group, send an email to techshow @legaltypist .com.

Many thanks to the TechShow Board for their faith in my abilities to deliver a quality presentation.  I look forward to the challenge and to putting my ToastMaters training to good use!