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What Do You Most Do With Yours?

You know, whatever that thing is that you carry around with you everywhere?

I call it a Personal Mobile Device (PMD) as you could be packing a smartphone, a cell phone, a netbook or laptop.  Almost everyone has something they keep with them at all times to keep them connected.

I want to know, what DO you do with yours?  I’m serious.

I hear so many people ooze over their particular brand or the appearance of their thing; I’ve even had people get down right condescending  just because I do not use the same device.

[psst:  BIG tip – whatever that thing is you have there, it’s a tool.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.]

So I want to know, what do you use your PMD for?

Here, I’ll start:

I’m a Palm girl.  Always have been.  Here’s a shot of my first PMD:

Treo 270

Treo 270

Yep.  That’s a Treo 270 folks.  Huge! When you flipped it up, it was like putting a whale up to your head.  This was in 2001 – when every other electronic device was getting smaller too.

I can’t tell you how many times I would hear “Hey!  Beam me up Scotty!” when I would use it as a phone in public —  smile and give a nod/wave in the direction… never heard that one before… you’re so clever… butthead… 😉

Anyway, those episodes turned out to be a good thing.  It was one more reason for me to treat my Treo as the device I had planned it for all along (and all I really wanted from it) – access to e-mail on my person.

This was when I was still a solo and personally worked for several attorneys.  My processes were set up so I would get notified of any incoming jobs via e-mail.  From the size of the file and the fax number sent (back then it was all fax), I could better plan when I needed to be behind my keyboard.

Back then I also had only one kid – but I was about to have another right after moving from a renovated Levitt Cape to a 1924 Colonial that literally needed a bones up renovation.  I tell you this because I HAD TO be as efficient with my time as I could and being connected to my e-mails through my PMD kept me fully in the know.

Now, I’m still a Palm girl.  Have a Pre – but am looking forward to testing the Pixi.  But this isn’t about me.  It’s about all of YOU reading this.  I know you have one and I don’t care what type of thing it is – what do you DO with it?

E-mail; calls; surf the web; listen to music – all of the above and more?


Only take calls?


Can you leave me a comment with what you do with your PMD?

If you can also provide carrier and model for context, muchly appreciated!

If you’ve got a few extra moments, and can also answer:

* Do you have any device specific apps you couldn’t live without?
* Is your information routed through any third party servers – such as RIM, your carrier’s network or Google?
* Do you have an unlimited data plan that includes texts?

All the better.


Chore Chart

A week or so ago I was tweeting with some peeps about how I developed a chart of chores when I first started LegalTypist.

Back then, I was the mother of two children under age 5, in the middle of an on going whole house renovation, with a fledgling business.  Let’s just say, I needed to get everything organized, including my cleaning.

I promised to share.

Here it is:


and you can download the pdf here.

A tips re: cleaning efficiently:

  1. I use only three products:   (a) Fantastic; (b) Windex; and (c) bleach.  Fantastic on counters, cabinets and anything plastic/fiberglass (won’t hurt these surfaces).  I use Windex on items that need to be shiny – mirrors, stove top, windows; and I use bleach for sparkly sinks and toilet bowls.
  2. I keep separate bottles of these items upstairs, under the bathroom sink – as well as a roll of paper towels and a hand scrubby brush (much easier to clean the tub).
  3. Make your bed when you first get up (or you won’t bother) and make sure your kitchen sink is empty before you go to bed. It’s a psychological thing for me – getting into a made bed just makes it that much more inviting and not waking up with dishes and feeling like I’m behind before I even get started.
  4. Nuke your kitchen sponge every night before you go to bed.  Rinse it first, then pop in microwave for a minute or two (will be hot!).  This is not scientific, but it does make me feel better about using a sponge which apparently has the most active germs of any surface in your home (recently confirmed by MythBusters).
  5. Do little things all the time – such as a general pick up of the living room as you walk through or quick swipe of the bathroom right after you use it – each takes less than 5 minutes of concentrated effort.  Two or three of these five minute efforts each day has a massive overall effect on the cleanliness of your home.

Website – Can You Do It Yourselfer?

Of course you can – but that doesn’t always mean you should!

First the tech.  If you are techie enough to register a domain, you are techie enough to install and play with WordPress.  If you need help, there are a ton of videos on YouTube that give step by step instructions on installing WordPress from Cpanel on any domain.  Here’s one:

While I recommend GoDaddy for registering domains, I do not recommend them for hosting.  I prefer hosts that give you access to your site through Cpanel.  GoDaddy does not support CPanel.

I send my tech savvy contacts to Host Gator.  My main site, is hosted with a North Carolina company called Venue Communications – for those not so techy, Scott and his team can build you a very nice website at a reasonable rate.

How to get a website loaded and determining how you will manipulate the content is only one part of a successful website – you still need words, pictures and and fresh on going content which is sprinkled with key words and targeted phrases.  Let’s face it, if no one is visiting your site, what’s the point?!

If you’d rather have someone else handle design – and you do the words, a great option for attorneys is Next Client.  They handle the look of your site through custom templates and provide a web based account for you to manipulate the content.  Their sites also come with hosting and e-mail.  Perfect option for small law firms.

Logo design is another important aspect of a successful website.  If you need a logo, I recommend  The reason I recommend them (besides the beautiful job they did colorizing my lady logo), is they provide your artwork in file formats consistent for both on and off line printing.

So you can have your local printer use your logo for printed promotional materials vs. just using your logo just on line. At less than $200 to create your logo, as well as the stationary you need when in business, The Logo Company is truly quite a bargain.

Next you have to decide what you want your website to do.  Every good website has an audience; and speaks to that audience.  Who are you trying to attract?  Potential clients, other attorneys, the media… make your site for that particular audience, not you.

Here’s a few questions you need to answer:

  1. What are your objectives? So when you have visitors, what do you want them to do?
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. What kind of impression do you wish to make?
  4. What information do you need to impart?
  5. Why should your target audience believe you know what you are talking about?
  6. What tone do you wish to convey?
  7. How do you want to handle navigation through your site?
  8. What mechanisms are you going to use to attract visitors?
  9. What is your budget?
  10. How fast do you want your site to go live?

One item of note: be careful how you collect information on line. There are auto-bots who harvest e-mails address right off of websites.  There are others that automatically fill in forms.  That’s why on many sites you have to enter one or two funky looking words into a separate field (known as a captcha form) before you can select submit.  That form stops the bots!

Finally, be cognizant of any limitations a legal website may have in terms of a privacy policy and solicitation.  Attorneys don’t want to run afoul of any legal specific restrictions on advertising or otherwise.

If you’d like more information on installing WordPress – join me on Wednesday, January 20th as I go over this and other considerations in Blogging 101 for Lawyers and Other Professionals.  It’s at Noon ET and free. 🙂