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5 Things To Do Before Your PC Crashes (besides "back up")

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Having to reinstall my software several times over the years is what prompted these nuggets:

  1. Write any key, registration, serial numbers or passwords directly on the inside cover of the software CD.
  2. If you download a program off the internet, burn the downloaded .zip or .exe file to CD and write the same code(s) on the CD/envelope/storage cover.
  3. Make a .pdf copy of any confirmation e-mail containing your codes and passwords and save it to a file on your hard drive named the application, i.e., “Corel”. Program files are stored separately on your hard drive.  Make the new folder directly in your My Documents folder or wherever you regularly store your business/client documents so it  gets backed up with your other records.
  4. If you really want to cover all the bases, print out the .pdf confirmation and store with your accounting records/paper receipts.
  5. Store all the program CDs in the same place – shoe box/CD holder/drawer – so when you have to restart with a new machine or freshly wiped OS, you are not wasting time searching for them.

It is never a convenient time to have to reinstall and rebuild your PC – but having all the proper installation codes, CDs and passwords in one place makes it as painless and efficient as possible.


PrimoPDF is a great, free application to turn the digital and paper into .pdf.  You can download from   Once you download and install, simply hit Ctrl+P from almost any application to create a .pdf.

Twitter 101 – a basic guide for those who want to get started right and professionally connect with others via twitter:

The Legal Connection LinkedIn Group: connects you with attorneys and legal professionals from around the web.

My thoughts on using Google…

In response to a recent discussion on a list serv, below are my thoughts on Google.  Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts…

I don’t trust Google with anything but public list serv messages and Google Alerts. For that, I’m

I read the Google TOS so long ago, I’m sure they’ve changed somewhat.  Hwever, from what I recall (and I’m no lawyer – this is a pure layman’s interpretation) – Google won’t share your information; but they do reserve the right to review it.

That was all I needed. I work with attorneys. Not acceptable to me.

So I bought my own domain (through Go Daddy) and set up every single one of my company’s processes without Google with one exception – I had a Blogger blog since before they were part of Google. Blogging I consider public; and if Google wiped out my blog tomorrow – OK. I’d be upset; but I wouldn’t be “out of business”.

I tell peeps Google is the borg – it is all consuming and all it wants is all your information, all the time. ewwwww isn’t that creepy to anyone but me??

I used to say if Google and Microsoft merge – we’re all SOL! One entity to rule the web AND our PCs? AHHHHH