My thoughts on using Google…

In response to a recent discussion on a list serv, below are my thoughts on Google.  Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts…

I don’t trust Google with anything but public list serv messages and Google Alerts. For that, I’m legaltypist@gmail.com.

I read the Google TOS so long ago, I’m sure they’ve changed somewhat.  Hwever, from what I recall (and I’m no lawyer – this is a pure layman’s interpretation) – Google won’t share your information; but they do reserve the right to review it.

That was all I needed. I work with attorneys. Not acceptable to me.

So I bought my own domain (through Go Daddy) and set up every single one of my company’s processes without Google with one exception – I had a Blogger blog since before they were part of Google. Blogging I consider public; and if Google wiped out my blog tomorrow – OK. I’d be upset; but I wouldn’t be “out of business”.

I tell peeps Google is the borg – it is all consuming and all it wants is all your information, all the time. ewwwww isn’t that creepy to anyone but me??

I used to say if Google and Microsoft merge – we’re all SOL! One entity to rule the web AND our PCs? AHHHHH