Wonderful Kick Off to #LTNY18

Here’s a few pix of my trip into NYC on the eve of #LTNY18 to attend a dinner hosted by Christy Burke of Christy Burke PR:

The canyons of 8th Ave:


Port Authority:


This one’s for @bschorr :

The restaurant:


Of course I had to have cheesecake …. its NYC!!


Many thanks to Christy for the wonderful food and great company, including:

@jaredcorreia of Red Cave Legal and Advisor to the Virtual Bar Association

@bobambrogi who needs no introduction!

@nehalm CEO of Alt Legal an IP docketing service

“uncle” @arikaplan author of Professional Services Reinvented

@ibridgesmith Practicing attorney, law professor and CEO of Legalalignment.com

… and the rest of the gang!