Wish I was at ILTA14

What’s ILTA14 you ask?

ILTA stands for the International Legal Technology Association and their HUGE annual conference being held in Nashville this week. With over 400 speakers, ILTA14 is all about education and with a combined 3500 or so in attendence – it gives off a very LTNY-like vibe.

Since this week also happens to be a vacation week for the Cannavina clan, my reports on the conference will be mostly to posts and reviews by my trusted sources – people like Mark I Unger and Monica Sandler – Jeffrey Brandt and Ben Schorr.

Before I left the office, I was able to put together a list of some of the #legalchat folks who are at #ITLA14 and it already makes for an intelligent on-going flow of insights, links and commentary:

[NOTE:  If you are a #legalchat peep at #ILTA14 and you do not see yourself on the list – please DM @LegalTypist or email me your twitter ID]

I’d like to give a quick HT to @MLSandler for her offer to have me Skype into her tablet for a little live face to face time a la Max Headroom.  Sadly, installing Skype on the laptop proved to cause it to have issues which uninstalling/reinstalling and even doing a System Restore before resintall could not resolve.

Like I always say, tech is great … when it works.