Techshow Update Day 1

So far today has been a whopper!

Started off with Welcome by ABA Techshow Chair Debbie Foster at 8am and right into the first session: Creating Your Online Presence with Carolyn Elefant and Nicole Black. I quickly learned that there was no way the internet could keep up with the speed of my tweets or the content, so have taken notes and will add a post with them later today. Good intel!

Next up was the Expo – lots of good stuff here. I’m not saying that LegalTech NY doesn’t have good stuff – it’s just a completely different vibe in the room. Lots of people actually talking to the vendors instead of just trying to grab a give away.

Spoke with:
1. Corel – who just launched X5 which I will also review on the blog later this month.
2. Clio – on line practice management. Can’t say enough good things about this product or the people running the company.
3. Legal Workspaces – new to the legal tech scene, this company offers you a virtual desktop (so all programs for running your law practice are maintained on their servers in Denver). Pretty cool.
4. NY Times – signed up for Sunday delivery for less than $3 per week (can’t get that price in NY!)
5.  Direct Law – this one’s interesting.  They help lawyers get virtual, but there’s more.  They have a product that is like a law firm’s own private LegalZoom. Clients go on line and answer questions and documents are generated automatically; then reviewed by law firm.  Definitely keeping this one on my radar.

That’s about it for now.  Gotta get back down to try to locate the Solosezzer who registered on the SuperPass but then called me right before the Keynote to say they didn’t have her registration. 

Will post again later tonight.