Network, network, network

As a Virtual Assistant, I get to meet so many people. Well, maybe “meet” is the wrong word. I get to connect and communicate with many people – most of whom I will never meet face to face.  I work remotely, my clients are remote, my network of qualified Digital Assistants are all remote – and the work gets done and, more importantly, everyone is happy.

Most of the time, I don’t even speak with a client again after they have signed on – unless there is a problem or they wish to upgrade or add services within their workflow  (or the occasional “Hi, how ya doin'” type of call, of course).Given this set of circumstances, many would say I’ve got it made. I have recurring, steady work from a growing pool of clients who never really need “me”.

However, any successful business owner will tell you – you can NEVER stop trying to find and connect with people. Bringing in new business is the lifeblood of any business.

Networking is obviously what I need to keep my name and my business in front of as many people as possible. In today’s day and age, networking takes on two forms: on and off line networking.

My off line networking includes annual trips to LTNY and #ABATECHSHOW

For on line networking I am a member of many sites: twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, along with the list serv maintained by the ABA known as Solosez.

However, there has always seemed to be something lacking for those who work in legal to truly connect outside of just a list serv.

So I made a place:


Go join:  http://www.virtualbarassociation.com The only requirement for membership is that you are actively employed at a law firm. Already loaded are 6 podcasts relevant to working on and through the web and everyone also gets a free copy of my ebook, along with copies of the reports and other goodies – like discounts!

But that’s not all!

Every month there is an educational webinar – March 28th is Vik Rajan covering Websites 101 where you will learn a lot more than just the difference between a website and a blog.  He even taught me a thing or two!!

These monthly webinars are called Lunch-N-Learn’s and are free to every VBA member; or if you can’t attend live, all Lunch-N-Learns are recorded and made available for any time download from the Member’s Only area.

I could go on and on … but just join: http://www.virtualbarassociation.com so we can all connect, learn and laugh and most importantly #dolawbetter