Need a Logo?

In many instances, a personal or business brand starts with a logo.  Well, it starts with a concept and then hopefully, that concept translates well into a logo.  From the logo, businesses pick their site’s colors and many of the other visual aspects of that brand come from the logo.

But where does one get a logo?

Well, you could hire a graphic designer.  People like @MissBeckala will work with you one on one to flesh out the important details for the visual representation you are trying to create.  You can check out her portfolio here.

For those interested in a less personalized service, I recommend The Logo Company, a well established and regarded company.  Less than $200, and The Logo Company provides you with not just a digitally working logo, but also the files needed to be able to PRINT your logo in the real world.

Lots of people don’t know that graphics on the web and graphics for your physical documents such as business cards and stationary are two very different types of files.  While a .jpg file will suffice for on line, a professional printer will generally ask for your graphics as an .ai file.

The Logo Company does understand this – and they provide you with both types of files – those that work “on line” and those that you give to your printer.

There are not many for which I will jump through the various hoops necessary to become an affiliate.  I am an affiliate of The Logo Company because I feel so strongly in value they provide.

Custom logo design

Of course, if you need help coming up with ideas, colors or other aspects of a logo, by all means, schedule a call with me  here.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer – you can also try out http://www.logoease.com.  HT to @carolynelefant for this free resource.