LegalTypist Learning All In One Spot

I’ve finally started putting together all the podcasts, reports and ebooks I’ve written or recorded throughout the years.  You can find them all (and I’ll be adding more as they are edited) here:  http://stores.lulu.com/legaltypist

A few of the titles include:  Digital Dictation/Digital Workflow; Working the Web Securely; Working Virtually With The Right Technology and D-A-F-T Your Way To Organized!

Additionally, I have long stated that outsourcing is not always the answer – for those who do not know what to delegate, how to manage a project or who do not have the time to locate the right person for the job.  There are other reasons why “outsourcing” may not be the right choice for you, even if popular books and guru’s tell you it will solve all your business blues.  In that regard, I came across the below report and invite you to read it.  You will get a good idea of why outsourcing is not as easy as some would lead you to believe.