Least disruptive billing software question

Sometimes I draft a response to a question or item on Solosez for which I believe I will get booted if I post. In the past, I have simply deleted – opting in favor to remain in the good graces of COTE.

Today, however, I decided that I’m going to stop wasting such content and will post here instead and can direct those from Solosez if they wish to see my response. What I will NOT do is post the identity of the person asking the question. If you are on Solosez, you already know who it is (or can easily figure it out) and if you are not, you should join.*

Today’s question is about billing software:

Q: “I am revisiting my billing software. Specifically, I am looking for what is least disruptive to your workflow. I hate the transition from working on a motion or writing an email, and then using my software to enter time. Is there some AI that integrates with email, one that uses verbal commands or other software that you have found less disruptive for capturing time?”

A: Clients of LegalTypist use their voice to capture time. It is entered where it needs to go based on each client’s workflow. All workflows these days are custom.

FWIW, most clients experience a jump in billables when they start to track contemporaneously via voice. I always recommend billing and other notes be taken immediately after every event – call, meeting, court date… anything significant happening on a case should have a note (although not all notes are billing entries).  When you have a human being on the other end that knows what you need to have done simply because you say something, it’s like AI, only add on  the ability to THINK and ACT upon your words vs. just decipher them.  #analogAI LOL

My preferred billing program for “legal” is Time59. Pricing is right and I do my best to support the other small business owners, like Tracy Griffith (of LawCharge fame) who not only offer  great products, but who know their shit as well as I do mine.


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