Happy 2019 – Old + New = Happy

Happy 2019 to all my readers!  I am so happy to have you with me on my journey as a business owner and personal productivity coach. It has been one heck of a ride since I filed my d/b/a in April 2001 and used an email blast to announce to the world that LegalTypist was open for business.  Just a few milestones I celebrate this year include:

  • Still enjoying that LegalTypist services the very first firm to hire her 18 years ago.

Through ups and downs, hires and fires; the ability to scale and to be there when needed or because no one else can be found or is willing are just a few of the reasons clients say they love LegalTypist. If you do not yet have an account with LegalTypist, and are a practicing attorney – go now and open one: http://www.legaltypist.com – be sure to put “Andrea’s blog” as referral so you get all kinds of things for free!

  • It’s my 10th year attending and reporting on LegalTech NY

From the days of guerilla marketing with my bro Vinny; and now as media I will, once again, be touring the LTNY Expo Hall on the snuffle for the best technology and brands for use by those in the practice of law.   I will also be checking out several of the educational and networking sessions in the hopes meeting as many new people (and hugging as many old friends) as I can!  If you are going to be at LTNY, let me know so (a) I can get ya on the twitter list; and (b) we can coordinate a time/spot to meet up.

  • It’s the first time LegalTypist is participating in a trade show.

From January 15-17, 2019, I am constrained to a 10 x 10 spot in the New York Hilton as LegalTypist participates in the New York State Bar Association Annual Meeting Expo.  I can hear a lot of you thinking:  she’s been in business 18 years, been reporting and attending trade shows for 10 years but has never had a table?!  That’s right. This is my FIRST show.

Back in the day, you had to pick – did you want to speak and be considered an expert by those in attendance; or did you want to show and be seen as a service. I chose option A and  worked very, very hard to become a good public speaker who created valuable content.  Many of you know of my journey as a ToastMaster to get over the crushing physical reaction I had when in front of an audience.  When I was asked to speak at ABA TechShow 2013, I considered it the pinnacle of career. The reality turned out to be 3 18 hour days and the realization that the ABA had far too much money in the bank for me to be volunteering anything!

Since realizing there is a reason why most practicing attorneys scrunch their noses when you mention the ABA, I began to realize just how horribly the organizations that teach attorneys are run.  Overstaffed by far – there’s a committee for every decision, yet oddly, no one is in charge (but the volunteers)<- who mention they have to get approval from the ABA.  One HUGE circle jerk and they are all in there circling and jerking!

That’s why I’m going full steam on what I can control – the Virtual Bar Association is my baby and reflect how I believe an organization purporting to assist attorneys should be run.  If you work at a law office – go join: http://www.virtualbarassociation.com  – best dang $10 you’ll ever spend!