D-A-F-T = GTD + Zero Inbox + Time Blocking

You process much more information than you did ten years ago. But do you have more time every day to do so?Unfortunately, while the practice of law has changed, the laws of physics have not. A day still has only 24 hours and you still need to sleep.

Enter D-A-F-T — an organizational system created by yours truly.  D-A-F-T incorporates some of the principles of other systems including Getting Things Done, Zero Inbox and Time Blocking but D-A-F-T has two important differences:

  • less of a time commitment; and
  • more flexibility.

Click on the image, download the 4 page .pdf and put D-A-F-T to work in your practice today:

Move Over David Allen A Better Way To Get Things Done!

Thanks for the DAFT article in Technolawyer.  I know a lot of people who could benefit from it.


Thanks for the info on printing the emails.  I started using your DAFT system and my life is already so much easier.


BTW, just got your new TechnoFeature on D-A-F-T  . . . brilliant article!!


I saw your recent article in TechnoLawyer (Move Over David Allen…) and was very impressed.


Congrats on the very helpful Technolawyer article.