7 Social Media Tips Courtesy @legaltypist

I recently conducted a teleclass:  Networking the Net. For those who could not make it live, here’s a recap:

  1. There is effort in social media. Pick one or two services/platforms/techs and schedule the time to work them.
  2. Use all tech as intended.  LinkedIn was created for business networking; twitter for little bits of you; Facebook for college students.
  3. Any social media will impact your digital image and credibility. Once you start – keep going; no fits and spurts.
  4. Fill in your profile. Use professional head shot – peeps do biz with those they know, like and trust – let ’em see ya.
  5. If your head shot is showing, it must be you who is publishing.  If an account is for an organization or you delegate the writing to an assistant, use a logo or other non-you avatar/photo.
  6. When signing up for an account, don’t upload your contact list to any social media.  That’s none of their business!  Locate and click on the  “skip this step”.  Your friends will find you.
  7. Give.  Educate. Assist.  Don’t ever sell.  Social media is for connecting not selling.


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