296 Lawyers and Legal Professionals To Follow On Twitter


In September of 2008, Adrian Lurssen, Co-Founder of JDSupra published: “145 Lawyers (and Legal Professionals) To Follow On Twitter” a list which very soon thereafter blossomed to over 750 accounts for people to check out.

While that was a great resource at the time, more recently I noted that 100’s of the accounts on it were no longer active – making the list more of a time suck than resource for those looking for people to follow on twitter.

So I asked my assistant, Delilah, to cull through Adrian’s list and provide me with a list of only those accounts that are still active.  Here is what she compiled, along with a few of my own peeps:

  1. @AdrianLurssen – A fan of absurdity – and good content on all subjects. Co founder @JDSupra
  2. @taxgirl – mom, writer, tax lawyer, coffee drinker, baker (and thus, by necessity a runner) – not a sleeper.
  3. @carolynelefant – 21st Century energy lawyer, author and blogger
  4. @jeffrey_taylor – attorney who helps injury victims & consumers. I blog about Android OS for lawyers
  5. @david_bilinsky providing thoughtful legal management at thoughtfullaw.com
  6. @PamelaParalegal A left-handed/redheaded stepchild, born on Friday the 13th who has been a paralegal all her adult life.
  7. Donna_Payne CEO @PayneGroup awesome software company. Mother of twins. Author of 12 books.
  8. @stevematthews – Founder of Stem Legal
  9. @dougcornelius – Chief Compliance Officer for a real estate private equity company, trying to stay in touch and up to date with the world.
  10. @ErikMazzone – Law practice management adviser, coffee geek, Yankee fan, beagle wrangler
  11. @JayFleischman – I’m a lawyer who helps people with bill problems. Recent SoCal transplant from NYC.
  12. @BrettTrout – Patent Lawyer, Author of Cyber Law, Internet Law Nerdherder.
  13. @nickholmes – Legal information in the digital age. And other random stuff.
  14. @DavidLat – Legal blog impresario: founder of Above the Law & Underneath Their Robes. Writer. Editor. Public speaker. Lawyer.
  15. @jmckeever – Mom, Lawyer, Charlottesville City School Board Member, living the dream.
  16. @tbeckett – Attorney, etc. “At the intersection of business and creativity.”
  17. @LindsayGriffiths – Marketer & Events Planner Extraordinaire for International Lawyers.
  18. @ElizabethPW – Lawyer at EPW Small Business Law PC. Mom. Writer. Explorer.
  19. @SoloPracticeU – Solo Practice University® is the #1 web-based educational and professional networking community for solo lawyers and law students.
  20. @dhowell – lawyer; mom; infovagabond.
  21. @heldincontempt – Lawyer, Pharma Compliance Director, Mom, Pop Culture Junkie.
  22. @RobRutkowski – Credit union lawyer, speaker and geek who likes art.
  23. @erwiest – Attorney and ADR provider for business disputes; getting ADR training as parent of twins (+1 more).
  24. @christinemartin – More than a lawyer. Digital intelligence enthusiast. Storm chaser
  25. @aflusche – I fight traffic tickets.
  26. @LeeRosen – Divorce lawyer and aspiring digital nomad.
  27. @collinudell – Appellate attorney focusing on United States Supreme Court litigation and on complex or novel issues arising in other federal appeals.
  28. @ernieattorney – New Orleans lawyer embracing disruptive change and all forms of inevitability.
  29. @TomLamb – An attorney representing patients who had serious side effects and the family of those who died from adverse drug reactions.
  30. @gbeck – Lawyer specializing in Supreme Court and appellate litigation; free speech and lawyer advertising; IP; consumers’ and workers’ rights; and federal jurisdiction.
  31. @BobKraft – Dallas Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Elder Law, Medicaid Planning & Veterans Benefits attorney. Blogs at PISSD.com and KraftElderLaw.com.
  32. @CarlStarrett – I am a husband, father and bankruptcy attorney in Southern California who loves Disneyland and Star Trek.
  33. @denniskennedy – Dennis Kennedy: Technology lawyer, legal technologist, author, speaker, blogger.
  34. @gfiremark – Entertainment Lawyer, podcaster, audio geek, father & husband.
  35. @AL_DUIattorney – Attorney who specializes in DUI defense work in Alabama.
  36. @jeffbob – Law firm marketer, Web and Interactive Director
  37. @kevinokeefe – CEO of LexBlog ~ Sharing Info to Empower Lawyers Worldwide to Network Through the Internet. Dad and Lawyer.
  38. @davidr – Geek Lawyer/Lawyer Geek. On tour with Bruce Springsteen every chance I get.
  39. @Dealfatigue – Entertainment lawyer navigating the landscape of the entertainment business and deal making culture.
  40. @mwcrosson – Attorney (family law, bankruptcy, small business) – assisting clients in the greater Sacramento area.
  41. @Finsrud – Attorney, technophile, runner, and father to 5 girls.
  42. @lindsaylavine – Freelance writer, lawyer, humorist and full-time news junkie.
  43. @mkarol – Father, Lawyer, Geek.
  44. @internetcases – Senior Counsel @infolawgroup. Appreciator of the clever and absurd.
  45. @erichapp – partner, Kean Miller; co-founder, Quality Conversation Simulations; general counsel, LISTA; Louisiana coastal restoration advocate.
  46. @ncarroll – Word-of-mouth marketing professional. President and co-founder of Claris Law.
  47. @startuplawyer – I code in Word.
  48. @Lowrance – All IRS and tax problems. Former Chief Counsel tax and trial attorney. Also, divorce, child custody, domestic violence, GAL adults & children.
  49. @halosecretarial – I’m a fabulous virtual legal assistant and paralegal, a mom blogger, mom of 3 boys and a wife (these are not listed in order of importance!!)
  50. @Nechlaw – Immigration lawyer, law professor, Houston FANATIC!
  51. @Glennia – Mom, lawyer, liberal, traveler, coffee achiever. Original brand badassador. MOMocrats Co-Founder & family travel blogger. On Twitter before you were born.
  52. @adamdlin – Associate lawyer
  53. @lougovskaia – Lawyer, business owner, first-generation immigrant living the American Dream.
  54. @ipsociety – IP/Patent Attorney, Founder of the IP Society, Open Water Swimmer and Amateur Linguist.
  55. @Riskin – Devoted husband and father to Daniel. Matthew & Raquel (Lawyer/Consultant), Founder, Edge International.
  56. @jrgonzalez – Immigration & real estate development attorney, political junkie, new blogger.
  57. @buffalopundit – Husband, father, lawyer, blogger, traveler.
  58. @cyberlaw – Lawyer, blogger, and father of 3 boys. Husband to 1. Trademarks (US and international), copyright and Internet law is my thing.
  59. @StephKimbro – Author of Virtual Law Practice. Attorney at Burton Law. Improving the Delivery of Legal Services with Technology.
  60. @aznor99 – Born, living, will die. Counting down the days to retirement – over 15,000 left. Hurray!
  61. @kaplanmyrth – Internet policy advisor. Background in tech law & an interest in how collaborative and social technologies are reshaping the world.
  62. @AustinAttorney – Accident lawyer
  63. @Brian Cuban – Lawyer,Writer-annoying TV big mouth.Mavs, Pittsburgh,Penn State sports.
  64. @robertamsterdam – International lawyer at Amsterdam & Partners LLP.
  65. @traverselegal – Enrico Schaefer & Firm. Internet Law Attorneys: Internet Law, Trademark, Copyright, Online Defamation, Cybersquatting, Complex Litigation.
  66. @annibbler – Lawyer, Podcaster, Blogger, and full-time MBA student at UCLA Anderson School of Management.
  67. @lawmrs – Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney, Knitter, Frequent Wearer of Flip-Flops, Blogger, and Lover of British Murder Mysteries.
  68. @paul177 – Attorney
  69. @eclewis – Denver business attorney. Info on legal and technology issues in CO.
  70. @StephenVerbit – Business Litigation Attorney.
  71. @inhouserants – Frustrated in-house lawyer.
  72. @bobcoffield – Health care, technology and business lawyer chirping from wild and wonderful West Virginia.
  73. @craigniedenthal – I am a trial attorney focusing on products liability cases.
  74. @lauraleesparks – Legal Marketing Maven For Estate & Elder Law Attorneys, Done For You Expert, Speaker, Trainer.
  75. @SDWatch – Writer, blogger, father, son, husband, Buddhist, recovering lawyer, South Dakotan, Civil Air Patrol member, US Coast Guard Auxiliarist.
  76. @bentleytolk – Utah and national ERISA litigation and employment litigation defense lawyer/attorney; I also explore legal marketing through social media & new media.
  77. @PaulBKennedy – Houston DWI Attorney Paul B. Kennedy. Husband, father, youth soccer coach, home-brewer.
  78. @JeremyKissel – Attorney interested in digital media, telecommunications, cloud computing, and emerging technologies.
  79. @nipper – U.S. Patent / Trademark Attorney, tech blogger, dad, husband, g33k, purveyor of odd humor.
  80. @rube1947 – bankruptcy and commercial finance attorney
  81. @legalmaven – DC based lawyer with a particular interest in small business and entertainment law. Opinionated HBCU grad, writer, speaker, and knowledge seeker.
  82. @eschaeff – Writer, lawyer, and blogger.
  83. @douglassorocco – Displaced yankee in Oklahoma City – IP Attorney by day, crusading do-gooder by night.
  84. @matt_buchanan – Attorney
  85. @NSKinsella – Libertarian writer and patent attorney.
  86. @RushNigut – Iowa business lawyer providing info on business and franchising issues. In addition to law practice.
  87. @KMHobbie – litigation knowledge management attorney, husband and Dad, violinist and violist; also manage blog.
  88. @jriversmn – Law firm CI professional and information resources director interested in emerging technologies and music.
  89. @christensenlaw – Service with Integrity and Compassion When You’ve Been Injured.
  90. @DougBernstien – VC lawyer. Mets fan.
  91. @Darrin_Mish – Ax Attorney, SEO Expert, Public Speaker, Trainer, Author, Entrepreneur, Infusionsoft User, Husband, Father.
  92. @AlliGerkman – Communications director and lawyer interested in legal system, legal education, professional development, civics education, elections, and oxford commas.
  93. @almostaghost – INFP MusicGeek lawyer Obama NTL: tweets music law copyrights tmarks politics.
  94. @jessicafoley – Criminal Defense Attorney, wife to Adam, dog mama to Molly, waiting for ski and snowboard season to start.
  95. @Raymond42c – Bankruptcy/Personal Injury Attorney, Geek, Gamer, Political, soon to be dad.
  96. @Marelisa – Writer, entrepreneur, dream-weaver, alchemist, and dragon-slayer. Creator of Daring to Live Fully. Sometimes lawyer–Georgetown Law School.
  97. @OroroDC – Independent, political junkie, mommy.
  98. @SteveWorrell – Marietta & Atlanta GA Family Law & Family Estate Planning Lawyer.
  99. @Anthonyzaller – Employment law attorney and entrepreneur – Los Angeles, CA.
  100. @PattiSpencer – Attorney focusing on trusts, estates and fiduciary litigation.
  101. @fsulawyer – Husband, father, lawyer, and all around mensch.
  102. @DavidCanton – Business lawyer and trade-mark agent with a practice focusing on technology issues and technology companies.
  103. @JerseyTodd – Lawyer Extraordinaire, World’s Strongest Man.
  104. @HumanRacehorses – Employment lawyer; Android user; oboist; amateur astronomer, weather junkie, single malt scotch lover, who’ll retire in 20 years when kids are out of school.
  105. @SandySlaga – MAHvelous mom, wife and lawyer in northern Illinois.
  106. dancanon – Jack of all trades; master of all.
  107. @craiglaw – Lawyer – business litigation, love sports. Kids grown and life is good.
  108. @jefhenninger – New Jersey Attorney focusing on White Collar Crime, Small Business Litigation, Divorce and Identity Theft
  109. @charlesthomas – Criminal and BitTorrent defense lawyer. INFP. Going through some changes. Rule 62 in effect.
  110. @BobbiSue – In house counsel , runner, part foodie, lover of all hollywood gossip…All opinions/tweets are solely my own.
  111. @EHSchierman – US Patent and Trademark Attorney, licensed in Idaho & Utah; Tech and Arts Enthusiast.
  112. @marissabracke – Perpetually curious, easily fascinated, often delighted. Analytical but creative. Drinks tea. Likes gnomes, eclectic music & making up words. Apt to frolic.
  113. @petesummerill – MacLitigator, Trial Attorney, Whiner… That is right, a renaissance man.
  114. @WilliamWilson – Indiana civil attorney, fascinated by tech in the law practice, Apple fan, father, husband, wine enthusiast. Audi fanatic.
  115. @jeffalford – Lawyer, geek, modern day Renaissance Man.
  116. @donna_seale – Human Rights lawyer, educator & workplace investigator, mom to twin girls, healthy living advocate, closet accordionist, soccer coach, MMA fanatic.
  117. @advocatesstudio – Attorney Writing On Law, Technology and the Developing Web.
  118. @lindsycd – Res ipsa loquitur – lawyer, wife, mom, feminist, realist, idealist.
  119. @NathanielP – New Mexico legal aid lawyer, slow cyclist, country singer.
  120. @chucknewton – Husband, father, lawyer, Third Waver, carpet commuter, spare room tycoon that likes crooners.
  121. @ElenaFranz – Real estate attorney, mom, retired fire dancer, outdoor enthusiast.
  122. @AlastairC – Husband; Dad; Legal Aid Clinic Lawyer: focus on Immigration & Refugee Law and Tenant Rights; Cyclist Commuter; Japanophile; Explorer; MacHead; Political Junkie.
  123. @ThomasJLamb – A plaintiffs lawyer in North Carolina handling asbestos-mesothelioma lawsuits and prescription drug injury cases.
  124. @Charkoudian – Tech licensing lawyer. Interested in legal issues in cutting edge tech and online, social and mobile games.
  125. @edgarsnder – Official Twitter feed of Edgar Snyder & Associates. Pennsylvania law firm helping people injured in accidents, hurt on the job, and denied disability benefits.
  126. @gdeloss – Health lawyer.
  127. @GinaRubel – Author, Marketing Strategist, Legal Marketer, Agency CEO, Media Source, Social Media, Speaker, Blogger, Attorney & Mom.
  128. @erikmagraken – Caution – I tweet about BC Injury Law. It may bore you. That is all.
  129. @SeattleTMLawyer – Trademark attorney / lawyer / law blogger – Atkins Intellectual Property, PLLC.
  130. @CraigBachman – Trial lawyer, Counsel, Writer, Farmer. Focus in competition matters & intellectual property (trademark, copyright, patent, moral rights & trade secrets).
  131. @randallmoeller – IP lawyer (patents, trademarks, & Internet law). Music lover. Camper. Runner. Homeschooling dad.
  132. @waltmire – A patent, trademark, and intellectual property lawyer focusing on software and electronic arts.
  133. @ThatLawyerDude – I help people put their lives back together after everyone else abandons them. I am a Crisis Trial Lawyer and I am there for you 24/7/365.
  134. @chrischeatham – ClaimKit CEO, rabid Jayhawk fan, bad golfer, reader of books.
  135. @Adrianos – California defamation Lawyer/blogger/mnemonist.
  136. @kmarvel – child support enforcement lawyer; wife & mom to 3 great kids; working to defeat autism.
  137. @johnharding – Divorce Lawyer. Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.
  138. @VBalasubramani – Internet-tech lawyer in Seattle.
  139. @jasoncbrown – Husband, father, publisher, aspiring Cat. 6 cyclist, duffer, and mite hockey coach.
  140. @rdd – Father, husband, IP fixer, patent litigator, Ironman & distance runner.
  141. @jeffrey_brandt – Husband, father of 5, home schooler, pinewood derby enthusiast, modern day digital alchemist working w/lawyers, struggling to turn data & info into knowledge.
  142. @keavneylaw – EMS Law and Compliance Consultant.
  143. @JonPGroth – Wisconsin Personal Injury and Commercial Litigation Attorney. I’m a lawyer that helps people. Is that a short enough bio?
  144. @BeautyMarks – Having it all as a trademark lawyer, wife, mother, toy poodle mommy and blogger.
  145. @scottwolfejr – Mechanic Lien and Notice Guru.
  146. @erik_laursen – Attorney, writer, Dad, wonderfully lucky husband, producer of fun stuff.
  147. @bobambrogi – Lawyer, writer, consultant.
  148. @PrometheusAdvoc – Lawyer, news junkie, futurist.
  149. @ipadrblog – attorney mediator-arbitrator of IP and complex commercial disputes.
  150. @moddivorce – Cali Divorce Attorney, Legal Strategist, Advisor, Founder of Soul Center Marin & The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide.
  151. @justpeace – musician, mother, legal aid lawyer, geek, indie spirit, planet citizen.
  152. @Hank Edson – Mediator-Attorney, Author, Activist.
  153. @howlingpoint – Geek, swimmer, beach lover, Party B and attorney. This is where I play, not work.
  154. @johnbolch – Blogger and former family lawyer. Other interests include astronomy and the pursuit of reason (not that there’s a lot of it about).
  155. @erikJHeels – Trademark and patent lawyer, Boston Red Sox fan, Maine Law Adjunct Professor, MIT 88. Flew in AF (hot), cofounded MCatsBand (cool), swam in Arctic Ocean (cold).
  156. @miamicrimlaw – Miami criminal defense firm with over 30 years of experience in state and federal criminal defense.
  157. @mattsaunders – Trademark and copyright attorney.
  158. @nancykpsy – maritime lawyer.
  159. @timothyevans – lawyer, Apple geek, father, husband, diabetic.
  160. @TarHeelAttorney – Attorney, College Basketball fan (UNC), Sci-Fi books, TV and movie fan, married with 2 kids.
  161. @jenniferweil – Lawyer in Hoboken, NJ helping people with their debt, including helping people file for bankruptcy.
  162. @RickHorowitz – Criminal defense attorney, blogger, writer and sometimes nice guy.
  163. @ronfriesen – educator, lawyer, techie.
  164. @DaveKight – Attorney practicing labor, employment and litigation. Licensed in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas..
  165. @BargerWolen – Legal counsel to the insurance industry. Insurance regulatory and litigation. Corporate and Transactional. Reinsurance.
  166. @surrogacylawyer – Surrogacy and Egg Donation Attorney.
  167. @bren924 – IT Director for a small Boston law firm. 2013 ILTA Conference Committee Volunteer. Red Sox Fan. Parrothead.
  168. @KarynOsinowo – Attorney | Francophile | Social Change Strategist.
  169. @hisgrace – Lawyer, Pastor, Entrepreneur! Committed to country living & dogs & horses.
  170. @VMaryAbraham – Blogger, Knowledge Management Consultant, Corporate Lawyer, Workshop/Meeting Facilitator, Strategic Conversations Coach, Social Media Enthusiast.
  171. @dannybronski – Seattle intellectual property lawyer, entrepreneur, and contrarian.
  172. @sarahjessicaESQ – Post-Conviction Criminal Litigation.
  173. @bschuelke – Husband. Dad. Volunteer. Attorney representing individuals and businesses injured by others.
  174. @RuiAmores – Attorney.
  175. @Scott Greenfield – Criminal defense lawyer and blawger at Simple Justice.
  176. @chrisfrankfas – Homebrewer, attorney, runner. Not sure which one I like most.
  177. @Bill_Romanos – Science, technology, space, intelligence, philosophy, writing, books, reading, etc. Attorney. Regulator.
  178. @lennyesq – Mac fan, wEbrief editor, blawger, BC Alum, UU, solo lawyer
  179. @spideb – Legal journalist/lawyer.
  180. @RossMark – Brit, Lawyer, Blogger, LPO, Indiaphile, Ethics, Death of Hourly rate, Public Speaker, Writer.
  181. @snitty – Lawyer, improviser, amateur chef, podcaster, blogger, and more.
  182. @aghannoum – Attorney.
  183. @annepmitchell – CEO, ISIPP Suretymail; Fathers’ Rights Attorney.
  184. @gregorybell – Recovering lawyer & legal editor for Thomson Reuters Westlaw. Jazz blogger and new media explorer.
  185. @fsethd – Attorney
  186. @sethwil – Litigation Attorney and legal technology advocate.
  187. @JW_Law – Jackson Walker L.L.P. has over 100 years of experience in providing legal counsel to clients throughout Texas, the United States, and internationally.
  188. @jeffroy – Massachusetts State Representative and Trial lawyer in Boston specializing in the representation of injured persons.
  189. @constructionlaw – Virginia construction lawyer, LEED AP, author of Construction Law Musings, construction mediator, multiple nominee to Virginia Legal Elite in Construction Law.
  190. @Baelen – Padawan Lawyer, Budding Podcaster, New Media Junkie and expatriated Pennsylvania Yankee.
  191. @happyattorney – Attorney. Jones Waldo. Comm’l real estate, transactional. Problem preventer.
  192. @brucecarton – Editor of Securities Docket; Compliance Week columnist; Lawyer; Husband and father of 4 boys.
  193. @DebraTuomey – Attorney in Spring Hill, Florida seeking legal networks.
  194. @invcondemnation – land use and appellate lawyer, law blogger.
  195. @Rstubenrauch – Attorney, avid cyclist, occasional politico and avid sports fan.
  196. @David_Tournier – Corporate finance lawyer, family guy, delighted to live the age of the Internet giving freedom back to us citizen-sheeps.
  197. @JohnathanFrieden – Commercial litigator and counsel to online businesses.
  198. @IPLAW101 – I am an intellectual property law attorney focusing on trademark, new media, and licensing issues.
  199. @McDermottLaw – A leading international law firm focused on legal and business trends, the impact of changes in law and other topics of interest affecting a range of businesses.
  200. @scottharders – intellectual property attorney and business advisor.
  201. @SacTownLawyer – Small Town Lawyer in a Big City.
  202. @bcjb – IP lawyer; MIT Media Lab alum; speaker, author, entrepreneur; founder of dealerwizard, gazelle lab, verifip.
  203. @astarita – Securities Lawyer helping financial pros/firms nationwide navigate the regulatory maze, prosper, and defend themselves, with a dash of investor representation.
  204. @gregoryluce – Attorney, sleep-deprived dad and law technology junkie.
  205. @DenisePolivy – Banjo-playing Jewish libertarian attorney and geek representing financial institutions and other creditors in bankruptcy cases and related litigation.
  206. @Eric_B_Meyer – Workplace lawyer, EEOC mediator, and hater of social-media ninjas.
  207. @patwrite – Patent Attorney.
  208. @kevinhouchin – Account Exec-National Programs at ACT. Author, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Mediator, Fine Artist, Mason, Druid, Lawyer, Husband, Father, Friend.
  209. @dmilligan – Husband, father, patent attorney, seed capitalist and technology fanatic.
  210. @ClaxtonLegal – Radio host & lawyer handling criminal defense cases.
  211. @manatt – Law firm.
  212. @Fulbright – The International Law Firm of Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.
  213. @BeemPatentLaw – Chicago patent attorney, Iowa State, U. Houston, Federal Circuit clerk, engineer, wrestler, dancer, mentor, friend.
  214. @GTak – Attorney for nonprofits – NEO Law Group | Nonprofit Law Blog.
  215. @YoungAssociate – Young Associate at a large national law firm.
  216. @wmf68 – Experienced real estate and land use attorney.
  217. @steigerlaw – Personal Injury Lawyer passionately representing my clients. Treating you with the respect that you deserve. Beagle lover. Coffee lover. Lover of the law.
  218. @OttawaLawyers – Injury lawyer with criminal defence lawyer.
  219. @hankheyming – Thoughts on venture capital, technology and start-ups from a lawyer/entrepreneur. Very interested in digital media and e-commerce.
  220. @douglasgriess – Business lawyer/attorney/counsel.
  221. @loriIwan – Retired attorney.
  222. @DanielPerry – Identity Lawyer; General Counsel to Identity Commons, Inc.
  223. @SarahGold – Owner of Gold Law Firm – working with small businesses and consumer law issues.
  224. @DavidWms – father, lawyer, business litigator, food guy.
  225. @jasonmolder – Florida attorney practicing in the areas of e-discovery, construction litigation, condominium & community association law, and information technology law.
  226. @LenCarson – Bankruptcy attorney, marathoner, and defender of liberty, on my quest for perfect wellness.
  227. @davidleibowitz – Highly regarded Illinois and Wisconsin Consumer and Business Bankruptcy and Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney.
  228. @ScottGodes – Insurance recovery attorney (opinions are mine only, not legal advice). Music lover. Car nut. Technology addict. Occasional mountain biker. Former gymnast.
  229. @tysonsnow – Tech dork and an IP & Employment attorney.
  230. @MACrimeLawyer – Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer, father, husband.
  231. @stevemeltzer – Husband, Father, Business, Real Estate & Non-profit Lawyer, Conservationist, Soccer Coach, Volunteer.
  232. @DevenKane – Chicagoland based corporate transactional attorney practicing in a business law firm.
  233. @gpierson – Copyright, trademark, entertainment & advertising atty. Helping marketers, artists, brand owners and other creative people.
  234. @DrOrlyTaitzEsq – To defend the rights and freedoms that exist for all citizens in the United States.
  235. @kranenburg – Attorney & Counselor-at-Law. FINRA Advocate & Arbitrator.
  236. @TradeSecretLaw – Business Lawyer, Counselor & Advisor.
  237. @MarshallRIsaacs – Tenacious, Unrepentant Litigator, Negotiator & Draftsman.
  238. @MiglioreLaw – High-Quality Personal Injury and Asbestos Legal Representation.
  239. @jerryerickson – Managing Partner and Senior Business Immigration Attorney using Twitter to provide timely legal updates that impact our friends, clients and partners.
  240. @attybegemann – Connecticut real estate and business attorney helping people with their legal issues in a friendly, professional and cost-effective manner.
  241. @rclaessen – Patent attorney in Cologne, Germany, prosecution and litigation of patents and trademarks.
  242. @dja2law – Lawyer who provides Out-House general counsel services to businesses, while replicating the methods, approach, and style of an in-house law department.
  243. @Patent_Israel – Heading an Israeli Patent Attorneys Firm.
  244. @kgarrahan – Attorney practicing in commercial and non-profit real estate, land use, permitting, conveyancing, leasing, health, and environmental matters – artsy avocations.
  245. @ShyAlter – CEO of ii3, a trusted consultancy to law firms. Consumes art, politics, and original thinking. Cooks, photographs and writes.
  246. @ryangoldvine – In-house Counsel with CUPE in Toronto, Ontario.
  247. @BoricuaLaw – Attorney in Puerto Rico who handles Family and Estates cases for non-resident clients in Puerto Rico.
  248. @JMTLaw – Lawyer, diver, greyhound mom.
  249. @stephenbarnesjr – Business Lawyer, Counselor at Law, Focus on affluent family, business, and legacy planning and asset protection.
  250. @anthonyjucha – Lawyer (commercial, in house, freelance, locum & street). Gonzo Journalist. Satirist.
  251. @BrianNFletcher – Patent/IP attorney @ Fletcher Law Firm; write/prosecute US & foreign patent apps; trademarks; IP strategy.
  252. @TheProbateNet – Practice limited to contested probate matters.
  253. @adriandayton – Father, husband, lawyer, speaker, author of LinkedIn & Blogs for Lawyers & Social Media for Lawyers. NLJ columnist. Just climbed Kilimanjaro, Marathoner, BYU fan.
  254. @randyrandy – Attorney, business consultant, cross-cultural explorer, wanna-be entrepreneur. Looking for next big thing. Have passport. Will travel.
  255. @AttyImmigration – Immigration lawyer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Caseload includes deportation defense in Immigration Court, I-601 waivers, green cards, citizenship, etc.
  256. @MdConstrLawyer – I practice construction real estate and land use law in MD and D.C. I handle litigation, write and review contracts and help clients in being more successful.
  257. @Mzicherman – Commercial litigator and construction lawyer. Husband and father of 3 boys. Is there time for anything else?
  258. @WilliamsKastner – With more than 90 attorneys in three offices, Williams Kastner has been serving clients in the Pacific Northwest since 1929.
  259. @kevinforrester – Real estate, resolution and trust law.
  260. @AlanNye – Lawyer, Writer, Blogger, Comedian, Mainer.
  261. @SABankruptcy – I represent consumers and small businesses in bankruptcy.
  262. @AttyChristine – Saving the American Dream, One home at a time. I stop foreclosures and litigate to get you a better mortgage through Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.
  263. @DandridgeLaw – Virtual Law Firm Attorney practicing Nonprofit, Business, Trademark and Copyright Law.
  264. @fredabramson – NY Business Law Attorney, Drafts Legal Documents, Litigator, Foodie, Voracious Reader, Husband, Dad, Music, Art, Sports, Culture.
  265. @SandraSingerEsq – Attorney.
  266. @CynthiaRRowland – Fairly uppity business and tax lawyer with focus on nonprofit and charity law. I also like to write and ride.
  267. @pwoldow – Master Coach, Attorney, Advisor to General Counsel & ABA Legal Rebel.
  268. @dougmandell – General counsel to start-ups; Personal GC to founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs.
  269. @bowtielaw – California Attorney, iPad App Developer, e-Discovery blogger, High School Mock Trial Coach.
  270. @guntrustlawyer – Florida Estate Planning, Asset protection, Guardianship, Probate and Gun Trust Lawyer, Macs, blogger, iPhone.
  271. @davidwbarrett – Corporate transactional attorney at Faegre Baker Daniels in Indianapolis. Huge Steelers and Indiana Univ. basketball fan.
  272. @EvansIPLaw – Intellectual Property Attorney – Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law.
  273. @London_Law_Firm – Chris Sherliker is a founding partner of Silverman Sherliker LLP, a full-service London law firm and one of the very first UK solicitors on Twitter.
  274. @CowgirlLawyer – Public defender in rural Illinois.
  275. @richardsusskind – President, Society for Computers and Law; IT Adviser to Lord Chief Justice; speaker; professor; etc.
  276. @johnsamwilson – Husband to an amazing woman, dad to two great kids, lawyer, soccer fan and erstwhile player, Northwest born and bred.
  277. @indyattorney – Business attorney, start-up enthusiast, father of 2, love all things cuse and indy.
  278. @kerlaw – Divorce, education, real estate & special needs attorney with 25+ years of experience; foodie and art fanatic; hobbies include knitting, travel, crafts & music.
  279. @Ipesq – Happy Law, patent attorney, cigar lover.
  280. @Jon_Lewis – Father of Three, Attorney, Enjoy helping people, jogging, golf, tennis, food, and football. Urban Attorney. Tweet me for a compassionate ear.
  281. @JaredBeck – Beck & Lee co-founder/Miami-based trial lawyer/I love representing the underdog in court and winning.
  282. @BBlaw – I strive to find justice for all of my clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  283. @CraigBachman – Trial lawyer, Counsel, Writer, Farmer. Focus in competition matters & intellectual property (trademark, copyright, patent, moral rights & trade secrets).
  284. @donlowrylaw – personal injury attorney serving all of Maine, 40+ years experience.
  285. @CariRincker – IL Farmgirl, Owner of RinckerLaw.
  286. @TaylorLawOffice – Greater Boston & Merrimack Valley area attorney.
  287. @ageorgialawyer – Injury Lawyer in Atlanta/Savannah, licensed in GA/FL, Litigator. Runner, College Football Fan , Gator, Insomniac, Labs owner.
  288. @castellilaw – Anthony Castelli Attorney personal injury trial attorney lawyer .Available to meet with you through out Ohio Cincinnati,Columbus, Dayton, West Chester, Mason.
  289. @mikk_IPR – Patent attorney, patent searcher. Partner at Sarap&Partners Patent.
  290. @lanepowell – Pacific Northwest law firm with more than 200 attorneys in Business, Litigation, and Labor and Employment, with offices in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and London.
  291. @paulrubell – Technology lawyer , social media law , software licensing, law and the cloud, SaaS, privacy, law professor, Georgetown.
  292. @SandsAnderson – Lawyers and legal services for business, investors, owners, government and insurance.
  293. @AndrewMcRoberts – Local government lawyer/litigator with Sands Anderson PC, blogger at VaLocalityLaw.com, W&M Tribe football fan, bourbon-drinker, theater-goer, lover of life!
  294. @VentureLawyer – I practice law to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions.
  295. @VATruckLawyer – Experienced trial attorney and counselor for the transportation retail and manufacturing industries.
  296. @jonathangstein – Funniest consumer protection attorney, father, blogger

If you would like to be added, connect with me on twitter (@LegalTypist) or leave a comment and I will check you out.

AND if you like this list, I have also compiled the lists of faculty and attendees of Techshow and LTNY for years, and I have a public twitter list which contains many of the members of the  Solosez list serv.