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Stop the Marketing Madness

Websites, Social Media, Pay Per Click, SEO, Facebook and more!

You want to improve your law firm’s marketing this year and so you start with some google searches on law firm marketing. If you are like many of the attorneys we talk with at legal conferences, or when doing consultation calls, you quickly become paralyzed with all the different marketing tactics and advice on what you should be doing.

The first article says to take advantage of the free exposure you get by being active on social media every day; the next talks about how you need to focus on sponsoring events in your community to drum up word-of-mouth business; and yet another says Google pay per click is getting too expensive so law firms should be focused on Facebook. Of course, that may be what you will see if you are able to wade through the countless articles about websites, SEO, and blogging.

With all of this information it is no wonder some lawyers wish they could go back to the once a year decision about how big the yellow page ad needs to be.

Unfortunately, marketers spend a lot of time writing in detail about how to take advantage of the latest and greatest marketing tactics, but often forget to put it into perspective. I am here to try to help you stop worrying about the marketing madness.

There is one guaranteed way to cut through the marketing madness — you must start with your firm and marketing goals.

When it comes to your marketing efforts, I like to reference the Pareto principle which states that 80% of the outcome comes from 20% of the input. This is often called the 80/20 rule. What this means is that when looking to improve your marketing, you can get rid of 80% of the tools, tactics, and strategies by first spending the time needed to understand what you want to accomplish.  Don’t be paralyzed with fear that you need to master Hootsuite or start blogging every day, you don’t need to worry about the majority of tactics, tools, and tricks when you know exactly where you are and where you want to go.

For example, I talk to some law firms who say they feel that their referral business is starting to weaken. They want to shore referrals up and begin work driving new, quality leads that are not from referrals. With just a little investigation we can dig into the underlying cause of the referral business weakening and decide on the groundwork needed to drive new leads outside of referrals. Then we come up with just a handful of tactics — these would be your final four tactics that will move the ball forward specific to those goals.

Here are just a few questions to get you thinking about your firm’s strategy:

Where does majority of our clients and cases come from?
Are we spending time on the cases we enjoy?
Has our clientele shifted in recent years?
What is our most profitable practice area and do like doing that work?

Spend time with a pad of paper and start answering some of these questions and you may uncover the specific areas to improve. Then once you know that, you can formulate the specific things you need to focus on and find the best marketing tactics for that need.

Stop the marketing madness, stop just googling “law firm marketing” and getting enamored or confused with the latest marketing shiny object. Start with a good understanding of where you want to take your firm in the coming years and your marketing strategy will fall in place a lot faster and have a much better chance to be a winner.


Mark H is Virtual Bar Association Literati specializing in marketing. He is also the CEO over at GNGF and you can find his LinkedIn profile at:

Happy Birthday to me….

Today is my birthday and it is a day that I usually have at least one good, solid cry. I do so not because I’m getting older (although the number is starting to cause pause) … I do so because my father, God rest him, passed on my birthday – now 25 years ago.  No matter how much time elapses, that fact alone makes it a hard day for me to be happy, let alone jubilant.

So I try to focus on what makes me happy today and I find when I help others, I feel much better about myself and more positive in general.

I have tried my best as a Virtual Assistant to help people understand how to keep themselves and their information safe, while on line, for a very long time.

In fact, on my VBA bio page are a ton of links available to presentations, articles, reports and such that I have created over the years.  No email address is necessary to review most of it.

Specifically new to that page in honor of my birthday today is a presentation I gave in 2009 for the OIVAC on Digital Security which I just did my best to cut down to under 20 minutes (but ended up leaving it at 53 minutes).  That’s because it was all such good info!

A little back story: The OIVAC hosts a 3 day virtual convention each May and in 2009 mine was the LAST presentation.  To say that our attendees were exhausted/overwhelmed would be an understatement!  Given I am on the Steering Committee, I knew I had to make my talk relevant and easy to understand.

I pondered … how was I going to make “Digital Security” something 100’s of worldwide Virtual Assistants would be able to stay awake and digest … and it hit me — what else?!  FOOD! <g>

So head over to my VBA Bio page click to play or right click to download and have a listen to Digital Security 101.

It’s been a long time since I reviewed this particular talk, and it’s FULL of practical, useful information that may just stop you from doing something that compromises your equipment or the security of the files and information entrusted to you.

If you work at a law firm, while you’re at the  Virtual Bar Association – join! It’s free and that can be your bday gift to me! 😉

P.S. {hugs} to @carolynelefant cuz today is her anniversay


Supreme Court Oral Argument: Hall v. Hall (as a cartoon)

Below is fellow Solosezzer, large plant printed shirt wearing, lives and works in the US Virgin Islands, fellow Andy (ok I’m Ande but it’s close enough) … in the matter Hall v. Hall before the US Supreme Court.

I had the pleasure of meeting Andy at my first TechShow in Chicago wayyy back and we’ve remained connected, for the most part, through Solosez.   I don’t think I know anyone who has argued before the Supreme Court before and I think it’s totally cool that I can brag that I do now AND look at how it’s presented by @SCOTUStoons


Whoo hoo and congrats to Andy for not only a great argument, but slam dunkin it at the Supreme Court with a 9-0 decision.  Quite a win for not just the Supreme Court, but this particular Supreme Court AND what a win for every solo who’s ever dreamed of really making a difference in the law (while working from a far off tropical isle)!